Elemental Invocation

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Scenario: Elemental Invocation
Difficulty: 1*
The Spirits can call forth wellsprings of essence to empower small areas of the island, strengthening and aligning nature with a particular element. This is fortunate, for the Invaders are encroaching more strongly than before.
  • This scenario magnifies the effects of experience: veteran players may find it +0 Difficulty or easier, especially with explosive early-game Spirits, while new players may find it +2 or +3 Difficulty.


  • ...for Spirits with Innate Powers that benefit easily from a 1-Element boost (e.g., Starlight Seeks Its Form) or are extremely strong or efficient at high levels (e.g., Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island).


  • ...for Spirits which use few or no Elements for land-targeting Powers (e.g., Vital Strength of the Earth).
  • ...for Spirits with very tight Energy income.

Placing Elements:

Once per Spirit Phase, each Spirit may pay Energy to place 1 Element Marker on a corner of one of their lands. (I.e., at an intersection of 3-4 lands, or of 1+ lands and the Ocean/board edge.) Each corner can hold only 1 Element Marker. They are permanent.

The cost is 1 Energy, +1 Energy per adjacent corner that already has an Element Marker. ("Adjacent" means "along land boundaries".)

Spirits may only place Element Markers which they have on a Power Card in hand, play, or discard.

If you run out of a type of Element Marker, use a substitute piece.

Benefits of Elements:

When using a land-targeting Power, the Power gains all Elements on the target land's corners, so elemental thresholds can be reached more easily when targeting certain lands.

Each Element Marker on the board counts as 2 Energy towards Choice Events aided by that Element.

Element Markers do not help Spirit-targeting Powers or Special Rules that check how many Elements you have (e.g., Swiftness of Lightning). The bonus only applies once the Power has targeted a land, so cannot help with, e.g., thresholds that boost Range, or make a Power Fasticon.png.
Get out the Element Markers and place them by the island. On each board, add 1 Town to land #6. Add 1 Fear card to Terror Level I. Accelerate the Invader Deck. (Remove the topmost card of the lowest Invader Stage in the deck. At Setup, this will nearly always be Stage I.)


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