Elemental Boon

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Elemental Boon
Elemental Boon (hosi).png
Name Elemental Boon
Set Spirit Island
Horizons of Spirit Island
Card Type Minor
Cost 1
Elements None
Speed Fast
Range No Range
Target Any Spirit
Effect Target Spirit gains 3 different Elements of their choice.

If you target another Spirit, you also gain the chosen Elements.
Threshold(s) No Threshold
Artist Moro Rogers
Shown in the Art N/A
Errata N/A
Card Status Active
Spirit Island FAQ Spirit Island FAQ - Elemental Boon


  • Elemental Boon does not grant any elements on its own, but instead grants elements through its effect.
    • Despite this, Elemental Boon can be discarded for any "Aided by Element" event, such as the "Transmute the Worst of the Species" option for New Species Spread.