Despicable Theft

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Spoiler warning: The content on this page comes from the Jagged Earth expansion, which is still in the process of being distributed to Kickstarter backers, and is currently not available for retail purchase. Please be aware of this and use precaution if you would like to play the expansion without spoilers.

Scenario: Despicable Theft
Difficulty: 2
Small groups of Invaders have been searching the island - and a few have found wonders. If they make it home, their people will stop at nothing to seek out more such fantastic treasures. Even those without wonders have tales and trophies that may bolster the Invaders' resolve to stay.


  • ...for Spirits with strong movement and Isolate abilities (e.g., Finder of Paths Unseen).


  • ...for Spirits with poor ability to move Dahanicon.png.
  • ...for Spirits with poor ability to Damage or move Invaders.
  • ...on the Thematic Boards, as more lands with spawn Thieves


Arrive with Explorericon.png: After Setup, when Invaders successfully Explore into a land numbered 6 or higher, also add 1 Thief there from the pool.

Seek to Escape by Ship: Before the Ravage Step, all Thieves on the island move:

  • Thieves adjacent to the Ocean escape: For each, lose 4 earned Fearicon.png (if possible). If the Thief has a number, also Accelerate the Invader Deck that many times. (Remove the topmost card of the lowest Invader Stage remaining in the deck.)
  • Other Thieves move 1 land towards their board's Ocean, if possible.

Thieves do not count as Invaders, and do not participate in Invader Actions.


Thieves may be affected by players' Actions (only) as if they were Explorericon.png. They are not Explorericon.png for any other rule or purpose. (Including Fear Cards, Event Cards, etc.) They have 1 Health.

Thieves are face-down by default, but face-up while in lands with 2 or more Dahanicon.png. If multiple face-down Thieves are in a single land, mix them up.

Thieves can only be Destroyed/Removed/Replaced in lands with no Townicon.png/Citiyicon.png and 2 or more Dahanicon.png. Otherwise, they elude you, and are instead Pushed. You may check this condition either before or after the Action So a Power that Destroys the last Townicon.png/Citiyicon.png in a land could also Destroy a face-up Thief there).

Generate 1 Fearicon.png per Destroyed Thief. Mix Thieves no longer on the island into the supply at end of turn.
Make a pool of 18 Scenario Markers: 12 blank ones and (1,1,1,2,2,3). They represent small groups of Thieves trying to escape with knowledge or treasure. Mix them to form a face-down supply.

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