Cultural Assimilation

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Cultural Assimilation
On Each Board: In a land with exactly 1 Dahan that has or is adjacent to a City, replace that Dahan with 1 Town.
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Reprisal Against the Dahan
On Each Board: Choose a land with Dahan and Town/City. Invaders do 3 Damage to Dahan there, ignoring Defend Powers.
Beasts Attack:
Each Beasts deals 2 Damage. Remove any token that destroys Town/City.
Reckless Offensive:
On Each Board: Choose a land with at least 2 Dahan and at least 2 Town/City. Each Dahan destroys 1 Town/City. Add 1 Blight.

Rulings for Cultural Assimilation

Explorericon.png There are no rulings at this time. Explorericon.png