Civic Engagement

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Civic Engagement
Civic Engagement (je).png
Name Civic Engagement
Set Jagged Earth
Event 1 Type Healthy Island
Event 1 Text Civic Engagement
On Each Board: Remove 1 Strife. If you can't, Invaders do +1 Damage (per land) when Ravaging in lands with Towns/Cities.
Event 2 Type Blighted Island
Event 2 Text Life's Web Torn Asunder
On Each Board with 6 or more Blight: Add 1 Blight to a land adjacent to Blight.
Event 3 Type Beasts
Event 3 Text Casualties of Fang and Sting
On Each Board: Destroy 1 Explorer/Town in a land with Beasts.
Event 4 Type Dahan
Event 4 Text Keep Far From the Lands of Plague
On Each Board: Push 3 Dahan from lands with Disease to lands without Disease.
Card Status Active
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