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Piece core city.png City
Comes From Spirit Island (Base Game)
Health 3
Damage 3
Destroyed 2 Fear Fear
Affected By Badlands Badlands, Disease Disease, IsolateIsolateicon.png, Strife Strife

Cities City are the largest and most pernicious type of Invader piece. They have 3 Health and deal 3 Damage during Ravage. Cities act as a source of Explorers Explorer when Invaders Explore.

Tracking Damage

Town Town and City City models are designed to help you track how much Damage will destroy them.

CITIES: 3 Health

Piece core city.png Cities take 3 Damage to destroy. You can remember this by counting the number of individual buildings on the model’s base (3) as it stands upright.
Piece core city 2.png This City has taken 1 Damage (2 more will destroy it). It has been laid on its side with 2 buildings facing up.
Piece core city 1.png This City has taken 2 Damage (1 more will destroy it). It has been laid on its side with 1 building facing up.

When a piece has taken Damage equal to or exceeding its Health, it is destroyed. Return it to the supply, and earn appropriate Fear (1 Fear for a Town or 2 Fear for a City). At the end of each turn, when Time Passes, Damage clears and all models are reset.


When counting how many Invaders are in a land, are you counting pieces? Or do Towns count as 2 and Cities as 3?

You're counting pieces. "Invader" in the Glossary is defined as "A City, Town, or Explorer", so a land with three Towns and a City has four Invaders in it. (A few effects instead key off of "N Health worth of Invaders", and in those cases Towns and Cities generally count for 2 and 3, respectively.)

Similarly if checking if Dahan "outnumber" Invaders, you are counting physical pieces.

When does destroying a Town or City cause Fear?

Always, regardless of how it's destroyed: directly via a Power that says to destroy one, from damage done by a Power, from damage done by Dahan counterattacking, due to a Spirit's special rules, from a Fear or Event card, etc. [p. 18]

Fear from destruction is independent of any explicit Fear the Power does - e.g., Lightning's Shatter Homesteads reads "1 Fear. Destroy 1 Town." It will usually generate 2 Fear: 1 explicitly, and 1 for destroying a Town.

Note that when you remove or replace a Town or City, it does NOT cause any automatic Fear. Removing Invaders happens most frequently via Fear Cards, and usually represents the Invaders fleeing, which doesn't make them any more afraid. Replacing an Invader represents some sort of transformation or change; if it's a scary change, the effect will explicitly specify how much Fear to do.

What does the slash mean in effects like "Push up to 3 (Explorer)/(Town)"?

It means "pieces of either or both types" - you are Pushing up to 3 pieces; those pieces may be Explorers and/or Towns. Similarly, "1 Damage to each [Town]/[City]" means "1 Damage to each piece that is either a Town or a City". (Or, in theory, both - though this would require some bizarre new piece considered both a Town and a City in order to be a relevant case.)

This is described in the reference on the back cover of the rulebook. (Formally, the slash is a union operator.)