Bureaucrats Adjust Funding

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Terror IIEventIcon.png
Terror IEventIcon.png
Bureaucrats Adjust Funding
Jagged Earth complexity 3.png
On Each Board with 9 or more Townicon.png/Cityicon.png: Build Cards skip the highest-numbered matching land.

On Each Board with 3 or fewer Townicon.png/Cityicon.png: Build Cards cause 1 extra Build Action in the highest-numbered matching land. (This can affect a land without Invaders.)
Terror IIIEventIcon.png
Ransack and Run
After the Ravage Step, On Each Board: In the land with the most Cityicon.png (min. 1), Ravage, then Remove 1 Cityicon.png.
Terrifying Beasts:
2 Fearicon.png per board with 2 or more {{{width}}}px.
Coordinated Defense:
When Invaders Ravage, if the land has both Dahanicon.png and Presenceicon.png, Defend 5.

Rulings for Bureaucrats Adjust Funding

Bureaucrats Adjust Funding (Fearicon.png I + II)

  • A "matching land" is a land that has a land type shown on the related Invader Card (which, in this case, is the Build Card).

Ransack and Run

  • This is one Event Action which sets up one Triggered Event Action per board, each of which has a Nested Invader Action (the Ravage).
  • The Ravage is an Invader Action. Cards that modify Ravage (such as A Year of Perfect Stillness skipping all Invader Actions, which includes Ravage) are capable of modifying this Ravage.