Bureaucrats Adjust Funding

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Bureaucrats Adjust Funding
Bureaucrats Adjust Funding (je).png
Name Bureaucrats Adjust Funding
Set Jagged Earth
Event 1 Type Terror Level 1 + 2 Event
Event 1 Text On Each Board with 9 or more Town/City: Build Cards skip the highest-numbered matching land.
On Each Board with 3 or fewer Town/City: Build Cards cause 1 extra Build Action in the highest-numbered matching land. (This can affect a land without Invaders.)
Event 2 Type Terror Level 3 Event
Event 2 Text Ransack and Run: After the Ravage Step, On Each Board: In the land with the most City (min. 1), Ravage, then Remove 1 City.
Event 3 Type Beasts Event
Event 3 Text Terrifying Beasts: 2 Fear per board with 2 or more Beasts.
Event 4 Type Dahan Event
Event 4 Text Coordinated Defense: When Invaders Ravage, if the land has both Dahan and Presence, Defend 5.
Card Status Active
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