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The Kingdom of Brandenburg-Prussia
Brandenburg-Prussia WrinkledFlag.png
Additional Loss Condition
Escalation Escalation
Land Rush: On each board with Town/City, add 1 Town to a land without Town.
Fear Cards
Game Effects (cumulative)
9 (3/3/3)
Fast Start: During Setup, on each board add 1 Town to land #3.
9 (3/3/3)
Surge of Colonists: When making the Invader Deck, put 1 of the Stage III cards between Stage I and Stage II.
(New Deck Order:111-3-2222-3333)
10 (3/4/3)
Efficient: When making the Invader Deck, remove an additional Stage I card.
(New Deck Order:11-3-2222-3333)
11 (4/4/3)
Aggressive Timetable: When making the Invader Deck, remove an additional Stage II card.
(New Deck Order:11-3-222-3333)
11 (4/4/3)
Ruthlessly Efficient: When making the Invader Deck, remove an additional Stage I card.
(New Deck Order:1-3-222-3333)
12 (4/4/4)
Terrifyingly Efficient: When making the Invader Deck, remove all Stage I cards.
(New Deck Order:3-222-3333)

In the alternate history of Spirit Island, Brandenburg-Prussia became a much more significant power than it was in our own world, maintaining some crucial alliances which greatly increased its size, population, and (significantly) port access.

From the Rulebook

Fredric William inherited the Duchy of Prussia and Electorate of Brandenburg upon the death of his father George William in December 1640. Eschewing the ineffective and vacillatory foreign policy of his father, Fredrick William abandoned the Polish Vasa dynasty and allied with King Gustavus Adophus of Sweden against Catholic Poland. The triple alliance of Sweden, Russia, and Brandenburg-Prussia resulted in the resounding defeat of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1644, and its subsequent partition more than doubled the size of Prussian lands.

As a result of this victory Fredrick William, the Great Elector of Brandenburg, declared himself Frederick I, King in Prussia, and set about the process of building infrastructure and extending Prussian control throughout his newly acquired territory. Upon his death in 1701, his sun Frederick II inherited a thoroughly Prussian kingdom and one of the premier European armies.

Frederick II sought to further expand Prussian territory without upsetting the continental balance of power between Sweden, Russia, France and the Habsburgs. Building up the Prussian navy, the new king strove to catch up to other European colonial powers and quickly integrate new colonies into the Prussian economy.


General Strategy

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Rulings for Brandenburg-Prussia

Land Rush (Escalation)

  • Brandenburg-Prussia's Escalation effect happens before Exploring.