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Beasts (Beasts) is one of four types of tokens first introduced in the Branch and Claw expansion, alongside Wilds, Disease, and Strife.


Beasts tokens represent any sort of wild Beasts that are numerous, dangerous, or aggressive enough to be a problem for the Invaders. (The Dahan know how to avoid them or drive them off well enough to prevent substantial casualties.) They are unpredictable allies, and are much more likely to pick off Explorers than to attack Towns or Cities.


Beasts tokens do not have an intrinsic effect.

Extra Details

  • Many Powers which add Beasts have a second effect which only works on lands with Beasts, and roughly half of the Event Cards have Token Events for Beasts.
  • Beasts Events will typically have Beasts generate Fear, deal Damage, or destroy Explorer. Occasionally, players may move Beasts if they're unable to do anything in the land they're in.