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Badlands (Badlands) was first introduced in the Jagged Earth expansion, and the only new Token introduced in this expansion. Badlands amplify Damage dealt to game pieces representing humans - both Invaders and Dahan - and thus can be both a benefit and a detriment for the Spirits.


Badlands are lands very difficult for humans to live in. They may be barren and support little life, lush and verdant but also quite deadly, cursed in some way, etc. This doesn't affect Spirits at all, but makes Invaders and Dahan more vulnerable - in game terms, they take more Damage. Like Beasts, Wilds, and Disease tokens, Badlands tokens are added to a land.


One time each Action Damages Invaders in a land, increase that Damage by 1 per Badlands. One time each Action Damages Dahan in a land, increase that Damage by 1 per Badlands.

Extra Details

  • The extra damage due to Badlands is mandatory.
  • Badlands need not apply to the first instance of Damage in an Action. The extra Damage must be applied during that Action, however. (This is relevant for Powers such as Volcano Looming High's Unique Power, Pyroclastic Bombardment, which first deals Damage to Town/City, then deals 1 Damage to any Invader. With this rule change, you can increase the second instance of Damage to deal more than 1 Damage to Explorer, rather than being restricted to amplifying Damage dealt to Town/City, when dealing Damage in a land with Badlands.)
    • In addition, each Badlands can be applied to separate instances of Damage within one Action.[1]
  • There is no limit to how many Badlands tokens can be in a land.
  • Restrictions on what types of pieces can be Damaged (e.g., "1 Damage to Town/City") affect the bonus Damage, too.
  • If Damage is reduced to 0 - e.g., by Defend Powers protecting Dahan - then Badlands aren't relevant.
  • If a Power's Damage is capped at some maximum, bonus Damage from Badlands does not count against that maximum.
  • Actions Damaging "each Invader" or "each Dahan" in a land do not get the bonus Damage for each piece, just 1 total per Badlands! You can decide how to distribute it.
  • Actions dealing Damage in multiple lands add bonus Damage in each land according to how many Badlands there are.
  • Badlands only boost Damage; they don't change Destroy effects.
  • Badlands are active as soon as they're added to the board, so a Power which adds 1 Badlands then deals Damage will get its Damage boosted by the Badlands.
  • Badlands tokens stay on the board unless explicitly Removed.