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Though the Adversaries may seem familiar, upon closer inspection you will find that the Explorers of Spirit Island have slight different story to tell than your history books. The year is A.D. 1700, and the Great Powers of Europe have begun to a scramble for colonies throughout the world. In the alternate history setting of Spirit Island, this scramble is even more intense than in our own world, as historical events have transpired to lead to a rise of many major naval powers.

These are the Adversaries in Spirit Island. Each has several different levels of play, that increase the difficulty. They are optional personalities for the faceless Invaders, giving them Invaders unique rules and effects to change the pace of gameplay.

Adversary Set Flag
Brandenburg-Prussia Spirit island box.png Brand-Prussia Flag.png
England Spirit island box.png England Flag.png
France (Plantation Colony) Branch and claw box.png France Flag.png
Hapsburg Dynasty Jagged Earth box.png 100px
Russia Jagged Earth box.png 100px
Scotland Jagged Earth box.png 100px
Sweden Spirit island box.png Sweden Flag.png