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Adding a Piece is different from Moving a Piece.

Add: To put onto the board from the supply.


After Setup, whenever you add Blight to a land (including when Blight cascades), two bad things happen:

  • Destroy Presence: In that land, destroy one Presence from each Spirit with Presence there. Destroyed Presence is placed next to the island, not returned to the Spirit Panels.
  • Cascade: If the land already has any Blight, also add one Blight to any one adjacent land. (If that adjacent land also has Blight, it will then cascade again from there, etc.)[1]
The bad effects of Blight happen each time Blight is added to a land, regardless of the quantity of Blight. That is to say, if you add more than 1 Blight to a land at once, it only Destroys 1 Presence from each Spirit, and only cascades (once) if there was already Blight in the land.[2]

Invader Phase

3b. Build Look at the Invader Card in the Build Action Space on the Invader Board: the Invaders Build in each land of the shown type only.

Wherever there are Invaders in the specified type of land, they add either one City or one Town:

  • If the land has more Towns than Cities, add a City. (You are not upgrading the Towns, you are adding a new City from the supply.)
  • In all other cases, add a Town.

Do not Build in lands without Invaders.

3c. Explore Turn the top card of the Invader Deck face-up. Invaders Explore in accessible lands of the shown type only, venturing forth from Towns and Cities or approaching from the Ocean. If the card has a flag icon and you are playing with an Adversary, first perform the Escalation effect (see sidebar). If there is no card to turn up, time has run out and you lose.

Add an Explorer to every land of the shown type which either:

  • Contains a Town or City; or
  • Is adjacent to a Town, City, or Ocean.

No matter how many sources are in or adjacent to an Explored land, you only add one Explorer. Explorers are added directly from the supply, not moved around on the board. [3]

Spirit Presence

Add Presence Presence: Add one Presence to the board at Range X (up to X lands away from your existing Presence)



The Kingdom of Sweden can add Blight during Setup. Blight added during Setup does not cascade or destroy Spirit Presence.

COMBINING THE KINGDOM OF SCOTLAND If the other Adversary’s Setup instructions would add City to a Coastal land other than land #2, instead add the City to an adjacent Inland land. je play options combining two adversaries sidebar pg 19


Strife tokens represent internal turmoil and discord within the Invader ranks. In such turbulent and angry situations, fields go untended, farms remain small, and aggression against the Dahan becomes disorganized and ineffectual.

Unlike the other three tokens types, Strife is added to a specific Invader rather than the land as a whole. When you add a Strife in a particular land, you choose which Invader it’s added to and place the Strife token beneath that Invader piece. (If there are no Invaders, you cannot add Strife.)

Thematic Map

When setting up a game with the thematic side of the Island Boards, add Beasts, Wilds, Disease, and Strife tokens as indicated by the Setup icons in each land. Strife icons are shown above the Invader piece they are affecting. REF BC RULES UPDATES THEMATIC MAPPG 17


The Thematic Boards from the base game did not have Badlands Setup icons. If playing on the Thematic Boards with Badlands tokens, add 1 Badlands to each of the following lands: NW board, land 7 W board, land 9 (ERRATA SHOULD HAVE TWO) E board, land 6


Extra Island Board

Game-Wide Rules And Changes: Base the size of your Blight pool on the number of Island Boards rather than the number of players, both during Setup and when flipping a Blight Card. Add +1 Fear Marker per player to the Fear pool. “Each Board” effects happen once per board. “Each player” effects happen once per player. JE PLAY OPTIONS PG 18

Playing without Events



Land: A bordered area on the island map (excluding Ocean). Whenever a land takes 2 Damage, you add a Blight to it.
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