A Diversity of Spirits

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Scenario: A Diversity of Spirits
Difficulty: 0
Why should a Spirit of the open air speak the same language as a Spirit of flame and renewal or understand the deep voice of a mountain? The Spirits defending the island are strong in their own nature and have difficulty communicating nuanced information to each other as a result.
  • This Scenario is less about mechanical changes and more about altering the experience of the game. Some players love it, but it's not for everyone.


  • for groups where the players are highly familiar with each others' playstyles and/or highly familiar with all Spirits being played.


  • when playing a Spirit new to you, or a Spirit you don't recall well. (And less fun, because you lose some of the collaboration in exploring a Spirit's capabilities.)
  • for Spirits with restrictive Presence placement.

Difficulty Communicating:
  • For planning and discussing strategy, Spirits may not use any language shared in common at game start, and may not look at each others' Power Cards in the Spirit Phase. (Once the Fasticon.png phase starts, you can look at each others' played cards.)
  • Language can be used normally to execute game mechanics ("2 Fear, please), describing what you're doing ("I Destroy this Town"), rules questions, out-of-game chit-chat ("Could you grab me a drink?"), and keeping the game flowing. The stricture applies only to coordination and planning.
  • When performing game effects not associated with a particular Spirit, player, or board, take turns making the decision.
  • Roleplaying is not required, but can add atmosphere if your group enjoys such things.

Interpret edge-cases as is most fun with your playgroup. A suggested starting-point:
What's fine?

  • Gestures, evocative noises, and body language.
  • Things like nodding, shrugging, or thumbs-up to show affect or emotion (approval, indifference, etc.).
  • Pointing at lands, players, or the choice one favors on a Choice Event.

What makes communication too easy?

  • Planning by pointing at text (e.g., Innate Powers).
  • Indicating precise numbers (e.g., with fingers).
  • Indicating precise effects using pieces (e.g., by separating them into groups).

Strength in Diversity

After Growth, if you added 1 or more Presence to lands with other Spirits' Presence: Gain 1 Energy or Reclaim 1 non-Major Power Card.


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